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About Vacuforce

Vacuforce started as an importer of European vacuum products in 2012. Our founder, originally from the UK, brought together over 20 years of vacuum applications, engineering and international procurement expertise to start the Vacuforce brand of products as shown on this website.

With generic fit, form and function products as well as innovative vacuum solution packages, Vacuforce offers the user a one stop shop for all vacuum handling applications. Vacuforce is engineering firm before anything else, offering technical solutions to our customers enabling the best vacuum solution possible. Vacuforce has authored over 50 technical white papers to offer true insight into Best Vacuum Practice. Find out more here.

Vacuforce is focused on customer service. With fast reaction to inquiries and order processing, Vacuforce has undertaken the task of being the premier vacuum solution provider in the USA and Canada through service, innovation and competitive vacuum solutions.

The headquarters of Vacuforce LLC are in Indianapolis Indiana, the distribution hub of the USA. With 75% of the nation's population within a one day truck drive, Vacuforce LLC is positioned to have the best distribution program in the industry. In addition to our centralized location, Vacuforce LLC has over 300 distribution partners across the USA stretching from Portland, Maine to San Diego, California and Anchorage, Alaska to Miami, Florida.

These stocking, authorized distribution locations, enable immediate delivery of both Vacuforce and products to customers across the nation.