Vacuum Control Valves

Vacuum Valves


Direct Acting Poppet Valves

Vacuforce Direct Acting Vacuum Valves

1/4NPT and 1/2NPT ports, these valves are direct acting with full size orifices for maximum vacuum flow. Compact with a cycle rate of 11/sec.

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JZF Series

Poppet Valves

Vacuforce Poppet Vacuum Valves

Available in 1/2NPT and 1NPT ports, these valves are available in solenoid or pilot actuation. Both types require a pneumatic pilot as the motive power.

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VFSC Series

Self Closing Valves

Vacuforce Self Closing Valves

Vacuum safety valves to prevent loss if a single vacuum cup loses grip or is not sealed against the load being handled.  Ideal for multi-cup systems.  Used on The Squid as standard.

Download Vacuforce Data Sheet